Build Statues to Real Equality

Statues are symbols that recognize great people and deeds throughout our nation’s history. Many of the Confederate statues interspersed throughout our country were erected during the height of Jim Crow to remind Black Americans of their inferior citizenship. Enshrining and glorifying bigotry and racial discrimination should not stand as a representation of who we are…

White Proposes Early Child Development Bill

“I have a daughter, Madison, who will turn one-year-old next week,” White said at a news conference at the Community Educational Research Group in Ward 8. “Madison is learning things every day and we want to provide a strong educational foundation for her at this time. My wife Christy stays with Madison for now but soon she will have to go back to work. It has been a difficult to find reasonably [priced] child care but we have done that. However, many families in the District cannot do that and the child suffers.”