March 2017 Newsletter

On March 1, I released my Transition Report to detail my legislative agenda. Days later, I began working to unravel the early childhood development crisis in the District. As a new father, I have been astounded by how much my infant daughter, Madison, learns each day. Watching her grow in her first months made me realize how vital the early months and years are for our children’s development, and that if we are going to cut away at the enormous academic achievement gap and meet parents’ need in the midst of a baby boom, we need to invest more in our children’s most critical learning years.

February 2017 Newsletter

The Chief Financial Officer recently released the 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which shows that the District is in its strongest ever financial state. However, we face a great risk if we do not address the growing income gap and shrinking middle class. That is why I sent a letter to Mayor Bowser asking her to include in her budget request funding for education initiatives, affordable housing, and job opportunities. This is how we bridge the gap for those who are being left behind.